Unlock the Hidden Value of Your IT Investments & Create Value with Service + Financial Management

Cask_ITFM_Unlock_Value-webWe will challenge the way you think about IT Financial Management (ITFM) and the strategic linkage to IT Service Management (ITSM) that will provide your organization the key to unlock the promises and expectations associated with ITFM. This includes less understood concepts in both the ITFM and ITSM frameworks that lead to new capabilities that can elevate your organization from a cost center to a business partner and will change the dialog you have with your customers from “why does IT cost so much” to “we’d like to buy more of that.” We clarify the nature and strategic importance of the Service Portfolio and what constitutes fully functioning services that will be a game changer for your organization.

We also look at how to link your portfolio of services to cost models with a clear value proposition for your customers. And, we provide guidance on financial management value paths that lead to better strategic alignment with your customers and business partners.

A few things to highlight:

  • The Anatomy of a Service Portfolio. Dispel some common misunderstanding of what the Service Portfolio is and its strategic linkage to ITFM.
  • How to Build Complete Services. Learn how to build services that provide a basis for meaningful cost and budgeting dialog.
  • How to Unlock Service Value Using Cost Models. Establish value linkage between services you manage and the costs to provide those services.
  • Financial Management Value Pathways to Success. Navigation on pathways to success in financial management with options and capabilities necessary for creating business value by leveraging ITSM and ITFM frameworks