Michelle Hughes, Cask Consultant, releases Critical New Book “Impunity: Countering Illicit Power in War and Transition”

Michelle Hughes, Cask Subject Matter Expert for Governance, Rule of Law, and Security Sector Development and Reform, has just released a landmark publication: “Impunity: Countering Illicit Power in War and Transition”. “Impunity” comprehensively addresses the ongoing challenge of how to respond effectively to the illicit power structures and networks encountered in both conflict and post-conflict environments that subvert conflict resolution, as well as national and international stabilization, reconstruction, and peacekeeping efforts.

The editors of “Impunity” studied more than three dozen case studies from across the globe and over a timeframe that spans more than 40 years to understand the motivations, modalities, and organizational attributes of illicit power structures. This extensive data set enabled them to identify enduring insights, trends, and recommendations for more proactive strategies and effective international interventions. The insights from “Impunity” provide valuable information for governments and the private sector.

“Impunity” was funded by the U.S. Department of Defense. The Departments of State, Justice, and Defense, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. Institute for Peace, intelligence organizations, and coalition partners including the UK and Canada contributed to the effort. You can download this book by filling out the form below:

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