ServiceNow Security Operations

Get Off Your Spreadsheets and onto the ServiceNow Platform – and be up and running in four weeks!

Now you can get the implementation expertise that will move you off of your spreadsheet-based security management and onto an actionable workflow platform in just three weeks! As part our extensive ServiceNow portfolio, Cask has created two security implementation programs that get you up and running fast:

Security Incident Management

Vulnerability Management

aquote2It’s a remarkably fast time to value that is achieved within a well-defined scope. Not only will you have a functional, interactive, fully documented system in an exceptionally short time, you will also have a reliable, scalable platform that you can build on for continued success in cyber security management.

Security Incident Response (SIR)
A comprehensive Cask team including 2 field engineers, a senior advisor and a technical architect come together to get your project off the ground and into action. It all starts with a pre-engagement questionnaire and data analysis that sets the stage for a rapid, successful implementation.


Security Incident Deliverables

  • NIST based SIR in three weeks
  • Security Incident
  • Quick Start Documentation/Training
  • Roadmap for next steps (beyond Spreadsheets)


Vulnerability Deliverables

  • NIST VM in three weeks
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Quick Start Documentation/Training
  • Roadmap for next steps (beyond Spreadsheets)


These services are designed to get you off your spreadsheets and onto a platform faster than ever before. For more complex needs Cask offers individually developed, scope tailored programs that are still built to be cost effective and timely. We invite you to contact Cask for a complimentary consultation and let us help you bring together the people, process and technology to move forward in achieving your business goals.

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