Technology Business Management

Cask’s Technology Business Management (TBM) discipline focuses on business and technology management services that help clients develop strategy, make decisions, implement integrated solutions, and increase the operational capability that ultimately drives business success. TBM is a practical, applied approach to running IT like a business with a focus on delivering competitive advantages to the organization.

It’s a ground up approach to managing and maximizing financial investments in IT, and gives technology leaders a decision-making framework to help prioritize how IT resources are to be spent. TBM focuses on cost, quality, and demand transparency. Using this framework, Cask TBM Consultants help IT leaders make enablement and trade off decisions about investments in these three key areas:

IT Financial Management, Cost Transparency, Planning
Transparency, Insights, and Planning and planning services help organizations achieve cost and data transparency, enable them to use this data to make prioritization, investment, and optimization decisions, and perform short and long term planning and budgeting. Our services include:

  • IT Financial Management
  • Cost Transparency
  • Service Catalog
  • Cost Modeling
  • Service Costing
  • Benchmarking
  • Cost Takeout
  • Budgeting & Analysis

  • Chargeback/Showback
  • Forecasting
  • Vendor Management
  • Asset Management & Optimization
  • Enterprise Projects & Initiatives
  • Application Rationalization, Modernization, and Transformation

TBM Lifecycle Management
Lifecycle management services focus on establishing, operationalizing, and enhancing the TBM capability within your organization. We help organizations with a broad range of activities – everything from TBM projects to the establishment of the TBM Office (TBMO). Fully adopting TBM means educating the entire organization on the value of IT, providing performance and value metrics that are meaningful up and down the organization structure, and working on the TBM capability, not just delivering TBM-driven results. Our lifecycle management services include:

  • TBM Strategy & Planning
  • TBM Stand Up
  • Education & Training
  • Governance
  • Operations

  • Rule & Allocation Management
  • Capability Enhancement
  • Change Management
  • Business Process Management

Business Enablement & Optimization
Business Enablement & Optimization services focus on helping IT and technology organizations deliver business results to the organizations they support in the vocabulary, resource units, and costs models that the business needs to be successful in developing competitive advantages and operational excellence. Services include:  

  • IT Value Communication
  • Business Service Management
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Service Delivery Optimization
  • Investment Decision Support

  • Value Network Management
  • Performance Management
  • Benefits Management
  • Enterprise & Business Metrics
  • Advanced Analytics