Business Process Management

Cask enables the rapid identification of target process areas that when optimized can dramatically increase quality, improve value, decrease cost and reduce risk to your organization.

The Challenge

IT organizations are consistently being asked to do more with less. Today’s IT budgets are equivalent to 2005 levels. Approximately 70% of IT spending is required to “keep the lights on” and only 30% is used to innovate. IT leaders globally realize the importance of addressing this challenge as they collectively ranked Business Process Improvement their #1 priority and Reducing Enterprise Costs #2 on their agenda.

Solution Overview

The reduction in IT spending does not have to come at the expense of quality and innovation. According to Gartner, an IT service organization can achieve up to a 48% cost reduction by applying IT Service Management (ITSM) principles. Traditional ITSM approaches follow a slow methodology for adoption and do not realize cost savings quickly enough. These approaches may take years to fully appreciate measurable results and reach an ROI. Cask’s Agile Service Management™ (aSM™) provides a highly effective and fast-tracked approach to ITSM that includes:

  • A customer focused ITSM blueprint
  • Definition and valuation of services within a Service Catalog
  • A sharpened focus on immediate cost improvement areas
  • An IT value chain with well-defined inputs and outputs
  • Improved processes using lean techniques, ITSM best practices (i.e. ITIL®, COBIT®, CMMI-SVC), and standards (ISO/IEC-20000)
  • Control mechanisms to track IT cost to your organization and activities
  • Real cost savings in shorter time increments with an ROI in less than 12 months

Why Cask

Cask understands that adopting and improving ITSM is not just a technical or process change, but a complex cultural shift that can be very challenging. Our practitioners have significant hands-on experience improving IT operations for customers of all sizes. Cask’s aSM™ methodology is an innovative and advanced way to benchmark your key IT processes against best practices and discover the highest return opportunities for savings and service improvements.

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