Assessment and Analysis

Ready to Improve But Not Sure Where to Start? Choosing the right areas to improve first can show quicker results and pave the way for additional funding and resources to continue the efforts. However, choosing the right framework or standard to measure against can be challenging. An objective third party assessment using industry standards provides information to ensure there is focus in the right improvement areas to improve maturity.

The Challenge

Many organizations are asked to improve something within their organization to promote continuous improvement. However, there are natural internal biases and organizational silos that make it extremely difficult to perform objective analysis of an organization’s current state and what improvement areas to target internally.

Solution Overview

Cask works as independent advisors to address the issues that can be hard to raise internally. Our standardized assessment methodology provides an objective and structured view of current maturity levels against industry standards. The results identify current strengths and improvement areas unique to each customer’s environment, allowing us to deliver a prioritized improvement roadmap.

Our practitioners use Tudor’s ITSM Process Assessment (TIPA), an internationally recognized assessment framework to assess IT Service Management processes in a structured, objective, and repeatable way. This approach combines ITIL® best practices with ISO/IeC 15504 standards for assessing processes. In addition, Cask also performs IT Asset Management assessments using the IAITAM Best Practices Library (IBPL™) and ISO/IEC 15504. Our associates are trained and certified TIPA assessors who have performed assessments for IT organizations across many industries including Finance, Healthcare, Government, and entertainment.

Why Cask

Cask has a strong history of performing assessments that enable clients to improve their maturity over time, lower service costs, and improve the customer experience. Presenting our prioritized Assessment Report in an interactive workshop helps our clients focus on the identified IT Service Management initiatives and actions. Assigning a priority and developing a roadmap is critical for organizations to have measurable success.Our assessments cover:

  • The people that manage and operate the process
  • The process itself
  • The tools in place to automate the process (if applicable)

In addition, our approach requires customer feedback to understand customer perception on the quality of the services provided.

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