Portfolio Project Management

Getting accurate, timely data from a variety of projects, activities, or organizations in a consistent manner is key to successfully aligning business strategy to execution to create desirable outcomes. The Cask Portfolio Project Management (PPM) practice allows organizations to put all the moving pieces together to allow you to measure current initiative progress and make information-based strategic decisions for future success. The brief video below says it best:

What’s Needed to Make it Happen

There are three primary components to Portfolio Project Management that organizations need to ensure alignment with strategic goals and delivery of a measurable ROI:

  • Repeatable processes and frameworks to plan, create, assess, balance, and align the portfolio
  • Tools to analyze data and information to provide insight into business and strategic objectives
  • Common governance structures and business taxonomies that communicate principals, policies, guidelines, criteria, and control mechanisms

Implementing these capabilities enables organizations to increase their focus on high value projects and initiatives, resulting in a greater value for each invested dollar and providing managers improved visibility into the overall project performance and operational status. Implemented properly Cask PPM provides your organization with:

  • Reduced cycle time
  • Reduced cost
  • Improved quality
  • Improved statutory and regulatory compliance

The Optimization Process

While there are many steps necessary to properly align people, processes and technology to meet strategic goals, the highlights of the program include: