NATO Basic Order Agreement (BOA)

NATO Communications and Information Agency Basic Ordering Agreements (BOAs) are acquisition instruments negotiated between suppliers of products or services and NCIA on behalf of NATO in accordance with the referential NATO guidelines and procedures. Under their Charter, NCIA roles consist of central planning, systems integration, design, systems engineering, technical support and configuration control for NCIA systems and installations. NCIA identifies suppliers, negotiates and establishes BOAs. Copies of BOAs and advice on basic procedures are disseminated throughout NATO. The Prospective Purchaser identifies requirements and obtains funding and requisite authority in accordance with local regulations. Purchaser issues own style local purchase order direct to supplier quoting the relevant BOA number Goods are supplied in accordance with pre-determined conditions.

Cask’s Contracted Services

Cask is a supplier through NCIA to all NATO entities under contract NCIA/BOA/13341. The services provided include Acquisition, Procurement, Project Management, Technology and Engineering.

For More Information About NATO BOA

Please refer to the NATO Communications and Information Agency Contacts.