Vulnerability Nightmares: SCREAMING for Automation


Missing a critical vulnerability mitigation can be a nightmare, and if the unmitigated vulnerability is exploited…that could be like a dream of falling and never hitting the bottom because the impact can ripple through an organization with effects unimagined to the business and its reputation. The job of managing vulnerabilities and maintaining a secure environment is one of high stress and uncertain success.

Many environments today cope with the never ending cycle of monitoring, managing and remediating vulnerabilities through a combination of automated tools and manual processes. These manual processes are usually siloed, disjointed, and require face-to-face interactions, hindering real time responses to current threats. The process may go something like this:

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Meet with Cask at Upcoming NDIA Gold Coast Event

Cask is a proud sponsor of the upcoming 28th NDIA Navy Gold Coast Small Business Procurement Event. This event takes place August 23-24 at the San Diego Convention Center. The purpose of Gold Coast is to provide a forum to educate, guide, and assist businesses, especially small businesses, in working with the government, primarily the Department of Defense.

NDIA is working to bring informative and motivating speakers to present topics of interest regarding working with the government, specifically the Department of the Navy. Plan on attending exciting and relevant general/plenary and break-out sessions. Visit over 250 industry and government exhibitors along with dozens of posters containing company information and opportunities. Cask will be at Booth 710, so make sure to stop by to speak to our Coopers in attendance. For more information on how to register for the event, read more here. Look forward to seeing you at the event!



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The Art of Business Relationship Management

When we discuss several of the various aspects of IT Service Management, and ITIL in particular, we tend to focus on relatively rigid, repeatable, and metric-driven processes.  These more rigidBRM processes, such as Incident, Problem, and Change, are viewed as more of a science, as they can be easily repeated and measured with precise analytics for success.  These core processes are indeed vital for success, and every IT organization should continue to strive to reach maximum performance levels in these areas.

Business Relationship Management (BRM) certainly has its fair share of measurements and repeatable processes, but we believe that a truly successful BRM process includes factors that cannot be easily measured.  The art of Business Relationship Management therefore includes some of the following key factors:

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How to Try Any ServiceNow Store App for Free

This piece was originally posted on the blog at where Christopher Morgan oversees Product Management.  Stave builds and supports ServiceNow applications and makes them available exclusively through partners such as Cask and the ServiceNow Store.

Did you know that you can try out applications in the ServiceNow Store for free in a stand-alone sandbox instance?  Most people know about the “Try” button on the Store, which installs the app in your sub-production instances, but last month they introduced the ability to spin-up a separate, stand-alone instance to test apps without having any effect on your instance governance procedures.This is great if you’re not the platform owner, but still want to try out an app build for the platform.


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Categories vs. Configuration Items: “X” Marks the Spot


When you ask an organization why they are using Categories and Sub-Categories for Incident, Problem and Change Management, the most common answer you may hear back is, “For reporting, of course.” You may also hear, “We use them for routing of tickets.” Here in lies the most common misconception of Categories versus Configuration Items. The Categories and Sub-Categories can serve a greater purpose with the use of Configuration Items. Imagine that the “What” is the Configuration Item and “Fault” is the Category/Sub-Category. Several professional services organizations have referred to these two things as the Nouns and the Verbs.  Well, that is great way to summarize the difference.

We all know that establishing a CMDB is a very heavy, labor intensive process even with the use of discovery tools available in our eco system today.

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