No More Legacy and Manual GRC Management

Many IT professionals today work in a world where “Compliance” and “Audit” are words to be feared and activities to be avoided.  I was there myself once, trying to figure out how to comply with 21CFR Part 11 requirements, survive internal and external audit, and work to keep up my organization’s own ISO 27001, and ISO 9001 certifications- all while still trying to do my own job. “No More Legacy and Manual GRC Management”

ServiceNow and Billy Joel

As I get ready to head to the Billy Joel concert tonight at Petco Park in San Diego, I can’t quite figure out who I am more excited to see – Billy Joel (whom I haven’t seen live for 15 years) or all of my colleagues and friends at the ServiceNow Knowledge16 Conference in Vegas tomorrow.  This week is the week everyone has been looking forward to since April of last year.  Why is this week so special? “ServiceNow and Billy Joel”

Meet Cask at booth #2025 During Knowledge 16

Cask is proud to be a sponsor of the 10th annual ServiceNow Knowledge Conference. Make sure to stop at Cask’s booth, #2025, to learn about our new Service Package offerings. When entering the showroom, we are located past the ServiceNow Pavillion on the top right side. Take a moment to speak with our expert advisors to see how we can help in your ServiceNow journey. Mention this post to receive a special gift at our booth #2025! “Meet Cask at booth #2025 During Knowledge 16”

ServiceNow Implementation vs. Transformation: Which one are you?

ServiceNow® is a great transformation enabler, but an implementation of any tool by itself does not equal a transformation.  When starting your ServiceNow journey, you need to first determine whether or not you are embarking on an implementation or transformation path.  Let’s look at a few of the differences side-by-side: “ServiceNow Implementation vs. Transformation: Which one are you?”

Mega Man Taught Us DevOps

My colleague, Christopher Morgan, recently wrote a popular blog post about, “What Mega Man Taught Us About Buying Software.  Like Mr. Morgan, I too spent hours in the 1990’s playing those memorable Mega Man games on my Nintendo.  And I also learned a great deal from those games, but my take-ways were different.

In his article, he arrives at the conclusion that the video game is a futuristic perspective on the best strategies for procuring new enterprise software solutions.  He claims that playing the Mega Man shows the user the advantage of flexible, extensible platforms over separate, stand-alone software systems.  He talks about Mega Man’s ability to gain new capabilities over time, and how it’s logistically cheaper to manage fewer systems. “Mega Man Taught Us DevOps”